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Furniture Foam

At eFoamstore, we are passionate about customer comfort and find great joy in helping our clients, big and small, with their furniture upholstery projects. Our expert team has over 78 years of experience evaluating each customer's unique parameters (desired feel, usage, etc.) and selecting the proper foam type to achieve the ultimate combination of support, comfort and durability.

Replacing foam cushions, bedding and pillows yourself can save significant time and expense. The springs, padding, and frame can often be undamaged, and a simple foam replacement will do the trick to provide a new look and restored comfort.

Working on a DIY furniture project and need help measuring your custom foam pieces? Check out our FAQ page for detailed instructions.

Foam Firmness

eFoamstore offers a firm, medium, and soft feel for foam cushions, bedding, and pillows. When you select firm, our team will pick a foam type for you so that you sit right on top. For medium, you will sink in a little. For soft, you will sink in a lot. All firmness options can come in any foam quality.

Foam Type & Quality

Indoor Foam

For furniture foam, eFoamstore offers a standard and premium quality of custom foam. Both can be firm, medium, or soft. The only difference is that the premium quality will hold its shape and last longer over time.

Outdoor Foam

We also offer an outdoor foam for patio furniture and other outdoor applications. This foam has larger pores for water to drain through faster and is often referred to as EZ Dry foam.

For more detailed information on furniture foam specifications, please see our Technical Info page.

Commercial Seating

If you are a business working on commercial or specialty seating applications, we can help! eFoamstore has extensive experience in the commercial seating market and can share our expertise with you. Offering custom foam for industrial use and packaging foam. Contact us for more information.

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