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Packaging Foam

eFoamstore is an expert in customizing foam for any packaging application. From shipping protection to carry case inserts, eFoamstore can help you achieve your packaging goals.

Shipping and Storage

eFoamstore offers a variety of foam types designed specifically for your storage, packing and shipping needs. A wide range of polyurethane, polyethylene and expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam) foams are available as packaging foam. Not sure what foam type you need? No problem! Our expert team has over 78 years of experience evaluating requirements and selecting the proper foam type for any foam packaging application.

Our foam packaging solutions range from simple foam pads to intricate foam cut outs. We can custom cut foam to any size and shape to fit your specific needs. Are you a business looking for custom foam packaging solutions for your products? eFoamstore has established processes and equipment for custom packaging production. Our design engineers can work with any digital schematic or hand drawn sketch to create your design and bring it to life. Contact us to learn more.

Our production process can cater to any type of customer. We can make one piece or a full truckload of parts. We have no minimum orders, and easily change and grow as our customers' requirements evolve. Our packaging foam has been used to package and ship industrial glass, ceramics, high-performance cameras, dental equipment, medical device components, and more.

Carry Cases

Foam lined cases are ideal for protecting fragile and vital equipment. Case foam can come in many shapes and sizes, and we can help you create or replace your carrying case foam with ease. Looking to replace the foam in an existing case? We offer foam pads and egg crate shapes right from our website!

Just enter your dimensions and select the charcoal packaging foam type at checkout. Our carry case foam is frequently used in camera cases, gun cases, instrument cases, waterproof equipment cases, tool boxes, and more.

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