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Foam for Industrial Use

eFoamstore specializes in custom foam solutions for industrial use. Our clients operate in a wide range of industries with commercial uses for our foam products including:

  • Commercial seating foam (restaurants, casinos, churches)
  • Motor coach and bus fabrication and reupholstery
  • Specialty seating manufacturing (golf carts, scooters, dental chairs)
  • Commercial packaging, protection, and storage solutions
  • Healthcare and medical industry applications
  • Chiropractor support components and other ergonomic uses
  • Clothing accessory and hat manufacturing
  • Warehouse and equipment organization

Quilted Foam

eFoamstore also offers a wide array of quilted foam options for healthcare, bedding, and other industries. We can work with your existing quilting patterns or help define new ones. Already sourced your fabric? No problem! You can have it shipped directly to our fabrication location to be quilted. Contact us for more information about our quilted foam offerings.

Can you help me choose the right type of foam for my commercial application?

Of course! Our expert team has over 72 years of experience evaluating requirements and selecting the proper foam type for any foam usage scenario.

Are there minimum order requirements?

Our production process can cater to any type of business. We can make one piece or a full truckload of parts. We have no minimum orders, and easily change and grow as our customers' requirements evolve.

Can you make custom packaging for our product?

Yes, definitely! eFoamstore has established processes and equipment for custom packaging production. Contact us to learn more.

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